PgmSoft Automation

PgmSoft for MicroMotion 3000

I. Overview

PgmSoft presents a wireless solution for communication and management of industrial devices with Modbus protocol.

Main advantages of the system:

– real time communitacion and managment via bluetooth protocol – up to 100 meters

– remote communication, service and data collection via internet (wifi, umts, 3g) – worldwide

II. Description

System has several key elements:

– Micromotion device

– Industrial grade mini computer with PgmReader application

– Android device with PgmMotion application

– Data server (optional)

PgmReader server application on mini computer is a key element provides communication:

– with MicroMotion via Modbus protocol (RS 485)

– wireless real time communication with Android devices via bluetooth protocol (peer to peer)

– with Android devices via internet (TCP/IP) mode

Beside communication PgmReader can save all registers status with minimal interval 300 miliseconds and send it to Data Server via internet.

PgmMotion android application on android device provides:

– interface to manage MicroMotion devices

– setting and reading registers values from Micromotion devices

– realtime monitor current values

– two operation modes:

bluetooth – real time, low latency, peer 2 peer connection (up to 8 bluetooth devices simultaneously)

tcp/ip – provides communication via internet (worldwide), delays in communication are higer than bluetooth connection

All communication beetween PgmMotion application and PgmReader on industrial computer are encrypted.

III. Basic scenario



This is basic working scenario. Live demo:

IV. Remote managment and data log scenario



V. Hardware and software specification

PgmReader – application written in java, implements bluetooth and modbus protocol.

Software requirements on Industrial computer:

– Operating system: Linux

– RS232/RS485

– internal bluetooth or USB port for external bluetooth dongle

– wifi / 3g modem for internet connection

PgmMotion – application written in java.

Hardware requirements:

– Android device with bluetooth module Automation