Android Automation

Determination of autoinflammability index

Main goal of this program is automation process in determination of autoinflammability index.

1. Main screen

On top of we can see control panel of target tempareture of furnace, mode set, sample temperature and furnace temperature. Bold values presents current status.

From top bar we can switch target temperature beetween two values: 190 °C and 237 °C. Also we can change operating status beetween „Standby” and „Execute” mode set.

– Standby mode – furnace is not heated (output is off)

– Execute mode – furnace is heated to target temperature set (output is controlled by PID)

First tab shows preview from last 5 minutes on sample, furnace and temperature set values.


2. Marks tab

Second tab provides marks list with summary of autoinflammable index (Af and Af’) activation eneregy (A) and Autoinflammable group. These values are computed from series (minimum three computed series for 190 °C and 237 °C). Blank values means that not all series are computed or series count is below three for 190 °C and 237 °C – detailed series are presented in next screen – to see detailed series on mark, select mark and click „Edit mark”

From this tab we can create new mark, edit and delete selected mark.

3. Marks details

Marks details screen presents data series for 190 °C and 237 °C and computed Autoinflammable index (Af) for each series. To compute final result for selected mark, minimum three computed series are required for calculation. Final result of Af is a arithmetic average of computed series

To perform calculations of Af first we add „new series” or „show series”.

On next tab „Series chart” we can start record series so we can do calulation of Af index.


4. Series chart

On series chart tab we record temperature data of sample. First we put sample into furnace and next we start record with „Start record” button.



When measured sample temperature exceeds the desired value (190 °C or 237 °C) we can click „Stop record” and next „Compute index”.


If sample temperature not reach desired value, calculation will fail and information will be displayed on the screen.

When calculation is completed, calculated sample and tanget will be added to chart.

Next step is we click on „Marks details” tab add new series and repeat process.

To compute final result we need minimum three computed series for 190 °C and 237 °C temperature set.


5. Computed series


When we have three computed series for both temperatures we can compute final result of Activation Energy.


After final calulation we go back to main marks list, by click „Back to list” button. On the main table (first screen) we can see computed Activation energy and Autoinflammable group of coal sample.


Android application called „TechForm” provides current status target tempareture of furnace, mode set, sample temperature and furnace temperature. Live montor shows live chart with sample temperature and furnace temperature.


a1 a2

We can control target temperature set and switch beetween standby and execute mode.

Application is available from

Fist connection required pair with bluetooth device. Confirm random code displayed on screen or enter „1234” if code generation is not supported. Automation