PgmServer is an application runing on servers. The main objective is to integrate mobile applications PGM-Invoice with existing orders and selling systems in the company. PgmServer synchronize data between android devices and company applications, so documents like orders and invoices are send direct to system.r

AndroControl  is a application to control special purpose extension lead (PDU) via bluetooth technology.

Motion Series 3000 – Service program for Android


is the fast and easy way to issue invoice …

See how simple it is.

Demo version (free) and full version (€ 11.99) available from Market.

Control devices using the Android.

The AndroControl allows you to control electrical devices in your home or company. We developed software and control system of intelligent buildings.


is fast and easy program for searching and connecting to WiFi net.
Search in Google Market…

Read-System 1.21

New extension for Android ..

This library allows execute commands and catch output from shell.

Our applications:



Motion Series 3000 – Service program for Android


AndroControl 2.0

WiFinder 1.5

Read-System 1.21


PGM-Invoice is the fast and easy way to issue invoice on Android smartphone.

Business activities are associated with invoicing, depending on the size of business we issue invoices, more or less. Invoice must have necessary information such as vendor and customer names and their addresses, exact names of the goods or services, the amount and the tax rate.

Invoices filled manually are too time consuming. When we simplify and expedite this operation, then more time we will have for our business.

With the help comes PGM-Invoice program, which lets you take your business, where you are.

The advantage of the program is very easy to use and friendly interface. All features are clear and legible. Just set your company’s data, add products or services to sell, enter the customer and already we can issue an invoice.

Main features:
– Friendly interface: four tabs for four categories: customer, product, invoice, report
– Get customers from smartphone contact list
– Supports barcode scanning for products
– Automatically backup function after exit program







PGM-Invoice Paid Report is module for PGM-Invoice full version application.

You can generate  paid or unpaid  invoices report by date.

You can now buy a report for the program

PGM-Ivoice Tax Report

Report of the best selling product

Report of the best clients

PGM-Invoice Invoice



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